Product Advantages

Account System

A flexible and complete account system

Support various complex scenarios of brokerage business

Meet the needs of business expansion

Leveraged System

Includes leveraged loan and leveraged contract

Easy to do more or short, flexible configurations

Support change the leveraged multiples during transaction

Follow the spot market liquidity, no need to maintenance separately

Risk Control System

Multi-scene dimension risk monitoring and control function

To stop the occurrence of risk events in time

Support monitoring of account position, market value, etc.

Realize account risk warning, authority control, automatic closing, etc.

Brokerage System

Multi-terminal, multi-level broker management functions

Flexible and configurable cost accounting mechanism Complete process audit and management

Real-time information exchange,query and management function

Featured Functions

GS Intelligent Market-Making Robots

GS Intelligent Market-Making Robots is the liquidity solution created by GS for exchanges and cryptocurrency brokers. It offers the flexible configuration, efficient strategy and comprehensive management functions and help brokers and exchanges to build their own market liquidity safely from two aspects of Quotes and Market-Making.

Strategic Transaction Services

Strategic trading services can help exchanges and brokers provide customers with more trading tools and strategies. Rich and easy-to-use strategic trading scenarios, it will bring more trading volume and better trading experience to exchanges and brokers. Currently open trading strategies include: conditional order strategy, stop-loss strategy, iceberg order and brick-and-mortar strategy.

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