The Global Leading Service Provider

of Cryptocurrency Brokerage Business System

Successfully operated the largest domestic SaaS cloud service platform for securities investment management.

Hit  the Trading Essence

Comprehensive Coverage of Transaction Scenarios

Providing solutions with a wide range from exchanges, brokers, investment institutions to clearing custodians.

High Stability of System Operation

Professional securities and futures investment trading network structure.

Large Space for Business Expansion

Saas-based( mainly on SaaS or SaaS oriented) model makes it possible to launch new business quickly.

Reduce the Cost of New System Launching

Compared with the traditional way, launching new system can save 80% cost in R&D by cooperating with GS.

The Most Reliable Partner

GS only concentrate on technical service, there is nothing overlap with customer business.



GS Transaction Network Service  is the underlying infrastructure network of the blockchain financial market,and it is used for financial business information exchange.

GS Prime Brokerage is a institutional brokerage business system for exchanges to provide one-stop integrated financial services such as trading, clearing, custody, leverage, risk control and assets management to their professional institutional investors and high net worth clients.

GS Brokerage OMS is a system for exchanges and brokers to provide one-stop integrated financial services such as trading, clearing, custody, leverage, risk control and assets management to their individual investors.

The first trading system build on a financial-grade structure in the cryptocurrency system.

SaaS/On -Premises

9,000+  Institutions


11,000+  TPS

< 10ms  

Superior Performance

Support enterprise-class cloud deployment

Accommodate more than 9,000 accounts simultaneously

Support more than 900,000,000 active


Concurrent requests for per second

Order passing time

Memory matching engine

2,400,000 TPS

Exchange Solution

Speed Cross -Exchanges Transaction Experience

The exchanges connected in GS-TNS shared with a aggregated transaction network, and the individual investors can complete the cross-exchange transaction with in one  exchange account.

Launch New Cryptocurrency Pairs Easily

Offering high-efficiency liquidity for customers of exchanges to trade smoothly, and hot cryptocurrency pairs can be launched easily.

Diverse Core and Featured Tools

The system can offer value-added revenue tools such as leveraged trading, intelligent market-making, and multi-strategic trading tools.

Innovative Brokerage Business Expansion

It is convenient and clear for global brokers to develop new customers and check commission report in the system.

Specific Services for Institutional Customers

It can be deployed independently for institutional customers to enjoy specific services like brokerage, risk control, reporting, clearing&settlement and so on.

A unified OTC system that integrates all-platform liquidity, and supports all exchanges in platform share with the OTC together.

Cooperate with Global Compliance Platform

To make user’s assets more secure and transparent, the system unified function of depository and clearing.
Complete Depository and Clearing Function

Make the promise of 99.99% availability during a whole year and with the fastest upgrade,expansion speed these make the system can easily cope with instantaneous extreme peaks.

High Availability and Scalability

Institutional Investor Solution

Broker Solution



LBank is a global professional cryptocurrency exchange, who launched leverage function and risk control management function of GS-BOMS on its platform to bring customers with trading convenient and safe.


Tokenview is the world's first blockchain browser with all kinds of cryptocurrencies . After connecting to the GS-BOMS system, it can provide the users with transaction services. That is a new way to realize monetization from its data traffic and achieve business added revenue .


CPCT is a assets transaction platform established by the CPCT Foundation in Singapore . GS-BOMS systems support CPCT to provide speed transaction experience for the users with improved liquidity and more abundant cryptocurrency pairs.


BHOP is a financial-level and decentralized open platform, which offering service for digital assets transaction . It has developed strategic cooperation with GS to create a new products together, which will get through all the transaction links. In the future, individual investors, private equity, brokers, wealth management agencies, assets management agencies, exchanges and so on can find the value and services they need.


QB is a digital assets transaction platform that also offers information service for mainstream cryptocurrencies. By connecting to the intelligent routing function of GS-BOMS system,  it can offer further transaction depth with multi-market liquidity and efficient trading path to their customers.

Customers of GS


Huobi is the global leading financial transaction service provider for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies . By applying GS-PB system which is specially deployed for institutional customers, Huobi can provide more professional and meticulous services, support more exclusive business scenarios, and provide more customized one-stop solution for its large institutional customers.

About GS

As the global largest cryptocurrency brokerage business system provider, GS (konwn as GS Technologies Co.,Ltd)  has provided more than 140 clients in the cryptocurrency industry with brokerage, investment and assets management technology solutions.

Pre-sales Communication Service

The marketing force at GS is confident to provide inside clients with services including product and demand communication as well as business consulting, etc., leveraging on their trustworthy experience in industrial technology and business.

Technological R&D Service

GS R&D Research and Development team is more than pleased to provide technological R&D support for relevant business based on their successful experience in the structuring and development of financial IT systems as well as their abundant professional expertise in this field.

After-sales Technical Operation and Maintenance

Technical operation and maintenance at GS will provide 24/7 professional customer services based on their extensive experience in operating and comprehensive knowledge in customer service, ready for technical support for the system structuring, upgrading, recovering and so forth in the financial IT field.


Advantages of Service

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